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Elevate your event with two dynamic personalities that know what it takes to build a successful business. As business coaches, our knowledge ranges from photography-specific to innovation to creating a lifestyle full of freedom and flexibility for your creative entrepreneur or photography-specific audiences.

Our talks are smart, lively, entertaining, and full of tangible takeaways. We are available as hosts, keynote speakers, panelists, guests in coaching programs and on podcasts. Expect prompt responses, promotion of your event, full attendance, availability to attendees plus an all-star, customized talk.

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We're Cameron & Tia

we help photographers build businesses & lives full of freedom & Creativy

Met in 2nd grade and became high school sweethearts

Ex-lawyer & ex-dance teacher turned business partners

Built a six-figure photography business

Live in Minneapolis, MN

Paw-rents to an adopted pup, Bella

Nice to meet ya!

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They're the best friends that every small business dreamer needs in their life! In everything they do, they do it with love and cut to the chase to share priceless business education. If Cameron and Tia aren't in your life yet in some capacity you're missing out!

-Quianna Marie, Host of Quianna Marie Weekly

They are the REAL deal! They bring so much excitement and ZEST to the conversation that it makes the subject engaging and super relatable.They go above and beyond to genuinely care about everyone they interact with.

-Dolly Delong, Host of The Systems & Workflow Magic Podcast

Cameron and Tia have an infectious personality! They bring such a fun welcoming energy and we loved having them at The Graceful Gathering. These two are so full of knowledge and joy and clearly have hearts to pour all of it into others. 

-Courtney Cannon, Graceful Gathering Host

Cameron and Tia are SO fun! Cameron and Tia are truly making the industry better and we need more people like them in the world. They hold nothing back and it’s so easy for attendees to walk away with jam-packed value. I’d highly recommend! 

-Halle, Host of Take your Shot Podcast

They have a depth of knowledge that is accessible and an energy that makes you want to have them back week after week. Their engagement was incredible and helped drive the conversation, keeping my audience highly invested throughout.

-John, host of wisdom in the tangents podcast

Signature Talks

While we're passionate about many topics, these are our go-to speaking topics. Each one would be specifically customized for your attendees.

the growth trifecta

Learn about AI, early adoption, and curiosity and how these three factors can skyrocket your growth as an independent business owner. The talk contains tangible takeaways - tools  you can use now and how to immediately implement them - and actionable motivation to get you exploring and pursuing curiosity. Best for online entrepreneurs, marketers, small business owners, creative entrepreneurs, and side-hustlers. 

Posing for purpose

A posing talk that will leave photographers both new and experienced energized with new prompts and an innovative new framework to approach posing as a marketing tool. Cameron & Tia both discuss and demonstrate their signature posing method that centers around creating an experience for clients that transforms them into raving fans. Best for photographers of all levels and experience.

power couple upleveling

In this training, Cameron & Tia are teach you how we make it work with a partner (whether romantic or not) and transform your relationship into a game-changing business superpower. Through personality tests, distinctly structured roles with checks and balances, and work/life boundaries, they are showing you how to create a super-charged business with your partner. Best for small business owners.

The flexibility blueprint

Discover the key to a business full of freedom and flexibility: systems. Cameron & Tia break down the three game-changing systems that allow them to work less and live more. Dive deep into the how and why of each system and walk away energized to apply these systems to your own business. Best for small biz owners and creative entrepreneurs. If desired, this talk can focus on photography-specific systems.

Interview Samples

here are a few of our favorite podcast interviews

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Launching an Offer to a Small Audience

When Cameron and Tia decided to launch their first educational offer after gaining visibility on TikTok, they were met with excitement and early signups, but unfortunately that’s where it ended. In this episode, they’re pulling back the curtain and sharing what they learned from that experience.

Listen here

Connection Call with  Quianna Marie Weekly

Cameron & Tia join Quinna Marie for one of her signature Connection Calls where they chat about keeping up with rapidly changing technology, understanding emerging AI technology and so much more. Don't miss Cameron & Tia sharing their key tips on all things AI!

listen here

How to Start Using AI Tool - It Doesn't Have to be Hard

Cam and Tia are huge advocates of being early adopters— seriously, listen to the episode to hear all about their curiosity hour. Cam and Tia divulge all of the pros of using AI and the tools that they are currently using and exploring in their business.

listen here

The Adventures of Cam + Tia on The Corner Booth Podcast

Cameron & Tia are talking about how they got into the wedding industry and all their fun adventures since. This married duo does things a little differently than other photographers and we see why! Hosts, Cynthia & Megan, can't wait to join them at their parties!

listen here

How to Harness the Power of AI for Content Creation

This episode with Cameron & Tia is all about how to harness the power of AI for content creation. We dive deep into the importance of being early adopters with AI. Plus, hear about their curiosity hour, what that looks like, and how it has impacted their business.

listen here

CollabCast: So Here's the Thing Spotlight 

In this conversation, Laylee discusses the cycles of launching educational offerings with photography duo Cameron and Tia. Listen in as they discuss lessons in launching a new offer and how to approach launching when you have a smaller audience.

listen here

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